Personal Services


Whether the purpose of your speech is to inform, persuade or entertain an audience, choosing the right words can make a difference in


the most profound and impactful ways.



Preparing a toast can be stressful. You want to make it personable but not self-serving; entertaining but not embarassing (for anyone);


touching and heartfelt in the best ways possible. We’ll collaborate to make sure you deliver an eloquent, thoughtful and succinct toast that will be unforgettable, not regrettable..



Makeup/Breakup/Courtship: You know how you feel but not how to say it. Let me be your very own Cyrano De Bergerac.

Dating Profiles

Looking for something casual or serious? Whether there’s a 500-character dating app limit or an entire profile to fill out, attract what you want


and who you want with the right words.



Every love story is unique. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large ceremony, your vows should be as unforgettable as the day you’ve planned to say “I do” forever.

Consumer Complaints

Whether you want to expedite a refund, create an impactful review or express your displeasure as a customer, get the results you seek and the satisfaction you deserve.

Professional Services


A veritable billboard, creating a stand-out Bio is an opportunity to boast about yourself and your accomplishments. Bragging is encouraged.


Don’t let your new company get lost in the shuffle. Naming your brand and coining a powerful


and memorable catch phrase or tagline is essential. Getting stuck in cliched phrases is a common trap when devising a new and exceptional brand name. It takes creativity and a sense of unconventional direction that will help your business stand out.


Pitch Decks

A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides your audience with a quick overview of your business plan.


As a complement to a deck’s graphics, the copy will tell a story about your idea, your team and your concept’s value proposition. Persuade-Inspire-Inform-Close.



Introduction emails/Recommendations/Thank you/Resignation letters.


Whether you would like to get your foot in the door at a dream job or resign gracefully from a thirty year career, crafting your words effectively can bridge the way to a new start or close a chapter with a poignant farewell.


Mission Statements

Your mission statement should serve as a written declaration of your company’s fundamental purpose. 


It succinctly articulates the company’s objectives, both for those in the organization and for the public. While brief in words, a mission statement should be rich in meaning.



The ghostwriting relationship should be highly collaborative. Whatever project you have in mind, allowing me to produce the best version of your vision is the main objective.

About Me

As a resident of Manhattan for over two decades, Laura Grand’s experience as a writer is so vast that her areas of expertise cannot be boxed into one specific genre. Laura easily vacillates between personal and professional content, taking a wedding toast as seriously as crafting a pitch deck for potential investors. She has written presentations for conferences sponsored by Nokia, Sony, Lord & Taylor, Proctor & Gamble, as well as done extensive proofreading for pharmaceutical journals and financial reports. Working with several matchmakers and dating coaches, Laura has honed her craft writing clients’ dating profiles. As a co-founder of one of QVC’s top fitness brands, she has been instrumental in its creative development. Amongst friends, she is the “go-to” person for writing toasts, facilitating relationships, proofreading resumes and editing important documents. She has a passion for poetry and etymology (considers herself a “word nerd”) and truly finds pleasure in helping others find their voice through the written word.


I had been unemployed for nearly a year and finally found a job that I was qualified for but was also competing with several other candidates. Laura wrote a recommendation letter for me, which I was told upon being offered the job, cinched HR’s decision to hire me. Laura and I worked together many years ago. She was able to articulate exactly what my strengths were (and what would make me stand out amongst the other applicants), and I am so grateful that her persuasive words helped land me the job!

Jessica T

Laura crafted the most beautiful bio for my artist biography. The way she composes words is much the same way I approach a piece of art with a paintbrush. I truly love how Laura was able to convey who I am as an artist so eloquently. I could not have “painted” a more beautiful ” self-portrait” of myself with words.

Carol D

Going back to school for a Masters in Social Work was not something I anticipated doing after working in the corporate world for so many years. It was daunting to begin a second career path after the age of 40. With Laura’s exceptional writing abilities (and unwavering encouragement), I submitted a succinct and thoughtful entrance essay that spoke volumes about why I was choosing to make a career change at this point in my life. She was able to convey my passion for helping others and desire to get a Masters in Social Work. It’s been 5 years since finishing my degree (from the one and only university I wanted to attend), and I have a thriving private practice.

Sharon W

I had a toast to give in front of 250 people at my brother’s wedding. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. I have witnessed so many bad and long-winded toasts through the years and wanted to say something meaningful and somewhat entertaining without rambling on for too long. I provided Laura with a few anecdotes and details I wanted to include, and she whipped it into a pretty kick-a** toast that everyone truly appreciated (especially the bride and groom). I could not have written or delivered the toast without her help.

Andrew L

My startup had hired a very well-known “old school” company to do creative development and complete a pitch deck for retail buyers. Laura was consulting with us on branding and came to meetings. Prior to the meeting, she did extensive research on our target demographic and created a preliminary outline. When we got to the meeting with the branding company, they had implemented most of Laura’s work into “their” presentation (taglines, research points, pretty much anything significant). While visually impressive, the deck’s message had Laura’s name written all over it, and we have only worked with her on similar projects moving forward.

Ryan S

I’m an aesthetician/makeup artist who needed a name and catchphrase for my new business. Everything I was coming up with was already out there or was just really cliche. Laura came up with 3 or 4 options, both for the business name and the taglines and made sure that neither was being used by another business in the same or similar category. It’s very easy to resort to cliches, but Laura helped make my new business a fresh and unique brand!

Karen L

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Each project is unique; therefore, there is no set rate. I will always work within your budget.

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